Aerial View of Devil's Peak, Table Mountain, Lion's Head and Signal Hill

Etching and aquatint, Edition: 5/50

Image size: 19.5 x 83cm

Framed size: 47.5 x 111cm

Artist's statement:

"I have lived my life growing up in the beautiful surrounds of Cape Town, and have spent many hours walking the mountains. These works are a very personal reflection of the beauty and majesty of the natural landscape of Cape Town. Every time I look at the mountain it is different, a change of weather, different cloud patterns and change of shifting light. Each view is ephemeral and transient - and that is the essence of what I wish to capture through images of landscape".


Born in Cape Town 1966. She obtained her B.A.F.A from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 1988 and an advanced Diploma in Printmaking awarded with Distinction in 1989. She was awarded her Masters of Fine Arts Degree with Distinction from the University of Cape Town in 1993 with a dissertation entitled Moria, a Eulogy of Folly. She spent 10 years working with Hard Ground Printmakers' Workshop, until 2005, where she has set up studio with Julia Teale and Paul Burchell, forming the Spencer Street Studios, Observatory.


1988    Obtained B.A.F.A with first class pass in printmaking. (University of Cape Town)
1989    Completed postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Fine Art, which was awarded with distinction. (UCT)
1993    Awarded Master of Fine Arts Degree with distinction. (UCT)

Awards and Scholarships

1987    Class medal, UCT.
1988    Professional category of the Credits '88 Competition.
            Merit award, Rolfes' Impressions Exhibition.
            MacIver Scholarship ( UCT)
1989    Katrine Harries Print Cabinet Award.
            MacIver Scholarship ( UCT)
            Jules Kramer Music and Fine Arts Grant (UCT)
1990    Merit Award, Volkskas Atelier Competition.
            Swan Young Artists Award.
            Jules Kramer and McIver Scholarships, H.S.R.C. Grant
            UCT Research Grant.
1991    MacIver Scholarship ( UCT)
            H.S.R.C. Grant
1992    MacIver Scholarship ( UCT)
            Jules Kramer Music and Fine Arts Grant (UCT)
1996    Foundation for the Creative Arts Grant

Select Exhibitions

1989    Rolfes' Impressions, Pretoria Art Museum.
1990    Solo exhibition, Chelsea Gallery.
            Standard Bank Drawing Exhibition.
            The Critic's Choice, exhibition at the Association of Arts, Western Cape.
            The International Graphic Exposition, Nice, France.
1991    Printmakers exhibition, SAAA, Western Cape.
            The Triennial exhibition.
            Two-person exhibition, The Market Gallery.
1992    Exhibition of Prints, Michaelis Gallery.
            The Vita Award exhibition.
            Exhibition of S.A. Art, S.A. Embassy, Singapore.
1993    Solo exhibition, SAAA, Western Cape.
            Twenty Prints Portfolio exhibition, SAAA Western Cape.
            Etching in South Africa, curated by Hans Fransen, Michaelis Collection.
            Exhibition of S.A. Art, Canberra Open University, Australia.
1994    Solo exhibition, J.E. Stallion Gallery, Louisville, USA.
            Invitation exhibition, Stellenbosch University Gallery.
            X, Exhibition curated by Malcolm Payne, SAAA, Western Cape.
            States of Contrast, contemporary printmaking in S.A., curated by Professor Charlie Cohan. Exhibited at Florida State University, and the University of Milwaukee, USA.
            Deuxieme Triennale Mondiale d'Estampes, France.
            Crosscurrents - an exhibition of South African Artists at the Barbara Gillman Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida, USA.
1995    Crosscurrents - an exhibition of South African Artists at Very Special Arts Gallery, Washington, USA. And part of the exhibiton was displayed at the S.A Embassy in Washington.
            Celebration, a group exhibition, The Chelsea Gallery, Cape Town
            Contemporary Prints exhibition, University of Stellenbosch Art Gallery, Western Cape.
            Exhibition of Women Artists, Paarl Museum, Western Cape.
            Exhibition of Women Printmakers, Belgium.
            Hamburgisches Museum fur Volkerkunde, Germany - Neue Graphik aus Sud Afrika.
1996    Exhibition of artists from the Western Cape, Natal Association of Arts
            The colour of change, an exhibition of South African Art (travelling), Mechelen, Belgium.
            Contemporary S.A. Art 85 - 95, from the South African National Gallery Permanent Collection, at the SANG.
1997    The Spheris Gallery, Walpole, New Hampshire, Canada.
            Deuxieme Triennale Mondiale d'Estampes, France.
            Kogeimura Paper School Gallery, Inomachi, Kochi, Japan.
            Musee de Beux-Arts de Sherbrooke, Shebrooke, Quebec.
            Hard Ground Printmakers' Recent Publications, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
            Processes and Practises in Contemporary S.A. Printmaking, Standard Bank National Arts Festival, Grahamstown.
            South African Women Artists, Sasol Museum, Stellenbosch, Western Cape.
            Contemporary Prints, University of Stellenbosch Art Gallery, Western Cape.
            Polish Print Triennial '97, Gallery of Modern Art, Krakow, Poland.
            Exhibition of Printmaking, Bellville Association of Arts, Western Cape.
1998    Levee Exhibition, Grinnel College Print and Drawing Study Room, Grinnel, Iowa, USA.
            Quartet of Printmakers, Association of rVisual Arts, Cape Town.
            Exhibition of Graphics by Hard Ground Printmakers, Pretoria Association of Arts, Gauteng.
            Hard Ground Printmakers Recent Publications, Grahamstown Arts Festival, Eastern Cape.
            Triennale 100 Miast, Museum Sztuki Wspolczesnej w Radomiu, Poland.
            Triennale 100 Miast,Biuro Wystow Artustucznych.
            Triennial Cracow-Nuremburg '98, Consumentart, Germany.
            Exhibition of SA Graphics, Belgium.
1999    Triennale 100 Miast, Museo d'Art Moderna, Rio de Janiero, Brazil.
            Paper Prayers exhibition of HIV-AIDS Awareness Campaign, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
            Contemporary Prints Exhibition, University of Stellenbosch Art Gallery, Western Cape.
            Ten Years of Printmaking, Hard Ground Printmakers at the Sanlam Art Gallery, Belville, Western Cape.
            Exhibition of Miniature Graphics, Pretoria Association of Arts, Pretoria.
            Atelier Winners 1986 - 1999, exhibition of award winners of the ABSA/Volkskas Atelier Award over the last 14 Years, ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg.
2000    Relativities, 4th British International Miniature Print Exhibition, Bristol, United Kingdom.
            Myth, Dream & Fantasy, Oxford Art Weeks, Oxfordshire, England.
            Deuxieme Triennale Mondiale d'Estampes, France.
            An exhibition of Graphic Works, Traklhaus Workshop, Salzburg, Austria.
2001    10th Asian Biennial, Silpaka Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
2002    Exhibition of the Burden Series, The Cape Gallery, Cape Town.
2003    Brett Kebbel Art Awards, Cape Town Convention Centre.
            The AA Fair, London, U.K.
            Trilogy, exhibition hosted by Sanlam, Rust & Vreugd, Art B (Belville).
            The Fine Art of Printmaking, Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town.
            The 14th Art Salon, Rose Korber Art Consultant, Bay Hotel, Cape Town.
            The Christmas exhibition, Thomson Gallery, Johannesburg.
            Exhibition of recent works, Art on Paper, Johannesburg.
2004    The AA Fair, London (March), U.K.
            The Nude, exhibition Cape Gallery, CT, South Africa
            Carol Lee Fine Art, Upstairs @ Bamboo, Johannesburg
            Miniature Print Biennale, Poland
2005    Interpreting Landscape, and exhibition of 5 woman artists, Art B, Bellville, and Pretoria Association of Arts.
            Landscape, and exhibition curated by Rose Korber, Franschoek. Annual Art Salon, The Bay Hotel, Rose Korber.

Solo Exhibitions

1990    Exhibition of Etchings, the Chelsea Gallery, Cape Town.
1991    Exhibition of Etchings, The Market Gallery, Johannesburg.
1993    Moria, a Eulogy of Folly, a series of etchings submitted for the M.A.F.A Degree, the Associaiton for Visual Art, Cape Town.
1994    Exhibition of etchings, the J.E. Stallion Gallery, Louisville, USA.
1995    Bread and Circus, an exhibition of etchings and watercolour drawings, the Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.
            An exhibition of monochromatic and miniature etchings, Chelsea Gallery, Cape Town.
1997    An exhibition of miniature etchings, the Huppertz Gallery, Cape Town.
1999    Exhibition of Recent Works, Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town.
2002    Adam and Eve, an exhibition of graphic works and watercolours, Oxford Art Weeks, Oxfordshire, U.K.
            Exhibition of Graphics, Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg Austria.
2003    Parade of the Ridiculous, Art on Paper, Johannesburg.
            Songlines - and exhibition of multiple plate and colour etchings, Cape Gallery, Cape Town.
2004    The Life of Everyman - a suite of etchings, Art on Paper (November), Johannesburg
2005    The Life of Everyman Suite, and other series of current etchings, The Cape Gallery, Cape Town

Public Collections

The Katrine Harries Print Cabinet.
Johannes Stegman Art Collection, Bloemfontein (Orange Free State) Telkom Art Collection
Human Science Research Centre Collection, Pretoria
Investec Bank
Sasol Art Collection.
Volskas Bank
Sanlam Corporate Art Collection
The National Gallery.
UNISA Art Collection.
South African Libraries Collection of Artworks.
The Natal Technikon Art Collection.
The George VI Art Gallery.
The Durban Art Gallery.
The University of Stellenbosch Art Collection.
Engen Art Collection.
Muzeum Narodowe W Warszzawie, Poland
Musee d'art Contemporain of Chamalieres, France
Grinnel College Permanent Art Collection, Grinnel Iowa, USA
The Oliewenhuis Art Collection, Bloemfontein.
The National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, USA.


The Music Box, a series of eight etchings, by Judy Woodborne. 1989.
The Katrine Harries Print Cabinet Catalogue. 1992.
Moria, a Eulogy of Folly. A graphic interpretation of aspects of the nature of Carnival. 1993.
Day and Night, a collaborative series of etchings by Judy Woodborne and Jonathan Comerford. 1994.
The Body Politic, a series of colour etchings by Woman Printmakers. Curated by Judy Woodborne (South Africa) and Prof Teresa Cole (USA). 1996/7.
The Levee, a portfolio of prints by 29 International Artists. Curated by Peter Calvert, Quebec, Canada. 1997.
International Aids Portfolio, curated by Jan Jordaan, Durban Technikon. 2002
Playing Card Portfolio, curated by Veerle Rooms in collaboration with the Frans Masareel Centre. 2000.

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