Transitions II

Oil on canvas

Image size: 50 x 50cm

Framed size: 55.5 x 55.5 x 6cm

'My primary medium is oil paint on canvas, utilizing an impasto application', says abstractionist, Penny Stutterheime.' The subject matter has evolved through landscape, portraiture and still life to an abstract and esoteric form'.

The work is highly symbolic, drawing from dream images and the unconscious. Conveyed through colour and form, the images are a representation of transformation, so that the viewer relates primarily to the work on an emotional level. These oil-rich paintings are a portrayal of her own inner spiritual process - ' the outward manifestation of inner processes and narratives.'

Born in 1958 in Cape Town, Stutterheime is largely self-taught and has been painting for over 30 years. She has developed a strong following for her work, mostly from international collectors.

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