Skin Deep


Digital inkjet fragments on foam and Kappamount board, Ed: 1/5

Image size: 100 x 100cm

Framed size: 105 x 105cm

'My artwork focuses on the female body, and is, to a large extent, autobiographical. Issues such as beauty ideals and the body's relationship with popular culture, fashion, health and food are central to my themes. A semiotic approach is attached to my portrayal of the body, with the idea of the body being able to produce meaning and relay messages in its own right.

In my work, a system of signs is dealt with in terms of its encoded aspect. In a similar way that a real, live body emits signs in the form of communicative acts, which are then interpreted by perceivers, the body, in the two-dimensional form of images, becomes encoded with information in the form of text, icons and numbers, which is intended to be perceived in the same way, as messages to be de-coded in the ornate system of signs involved with the female body and issues such as anorexia. The encoding is literally 'written on the body' and actually makes up the surface tonality of the body image, likening the body to a text that should be read.

The works take the form of pixelated, digital inkjet prints, which are adhered to a layer of soft foam, and then built up, pixel by pixel, onto a firm surface. Each 20 x 20 mm pixel contains a piece of information in the form of iconography drawn from food and fashion issues'.

2013 All rights reserved. Origination by Di Conradie.