Body Parts: Nose

Oil on Canvas (mounted on board)

21cm in diameter (including frame)

“Body Parts” is furthering my exploration into the complexities of depicting the human form in its physical structure and emotional condition. Both of which are highly layered and intertwined subjects ,offering the artist a myriad of possibilities. For me the act of painting is an attempt to understand, whether it is how a part of the body is constructed or how a gesture describes an emotional state.

Combined with this are the beginnings of my fascination into the human species and their obsession with collections. Whether it is memories, objects, sound, the written word etc, it permeates our homes, time spent and travels. Collections are often an outward manifestation of ways of thinking and feeling.

“Body Parts” is the beginnings of one of my collections, one of documenting and “capturing” intimate parts of the human form. Such a collection of paintings (and ones to come), are a way of digesting and understanding the psychological and physiological clues held in say the corners of a mouth, the pressure of fingers pressed against muscle, the weight of an eyelid and so on.

© 2008 All rights reserved. Origination by Di Conradie.