ROSEKORBERart, June 2008:

Paul Blomkamp at Rose Korber Art

‘Highveld Windveld´ is the title of Johannesburg artist, Paul Blomkamp´s new oils on paper: they are part of an ongoing series of works inspired by his profound – almost obsessive- fascination with the Magaliesburg mountain range of Gauteng.

The influence of Blomkamp´s early stained glass works is still evident in these paintings, which appear to transmit rather than reflect light. They have a transparency, clarity and sharpness akin to glass, and often appear to be made of coloured light rather than of paint.

He describes his work as dealing with the ‘anatomy of energy´: he is preoccupied, he says, with energy – what it is, what it looks like – because of an earlier illness that left him without energy of his own for many years.

In these works, Blomkamp is primarily concerned with ‘making the invisible visible´.

His paintings are ‘celebrations of energised lines, shapes and spaces that throb and glow with pure strong colour, existing solely for ways to illuminate the dark and unknown´.

His relationship with colour and energised line is an attempt to´ confront the subconscious´, he maintains, ‘and to expose and bring into the light that mystery, that primal force, that may give us clues that existence on our little planet is worthwhile and meaningful, after all´.

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