Elephant and Moon Dreamer


Oil on canvas

Image size: 70 x 110 x 2.5cm (unframed)


Selected Exhibitions and Projects

2003 January
   Represented by the Everard Read Gallery in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Knysna

   Exhibits collaboration Beezy Bailey & Zwelethu Mthethwa, 'Ticket to the other side' at the 8th Cuba Biennial November 2003

    'Ticket to the other side' ( collaboration Beezy Bailey & Zwelethu Mthethwa).
   Work in progress on large canvasses.
   Curate the "Art for Aids orphans" auction for November 2002.

    Photographic collaboration with Zwelethu Mthethwa.
   Vanessa Branston commission - statues and mural in the U. K.
   Ongoing exhibition of graphic works and water colours at the Art Factory and Shop.

October 2000
    Back to the Drawing Board: Pa Kua Gallery, Cape Town
   One-person exhibition of ink-on-paper life drawings with live drawing performance on opening night.

September 1999
    Abakwetha - Farmer, Warrior, Statesman: Intervention, Parliament, Cape Town Part of a public sculpture festival to commemorate Heritage Day. The bronze statue of Boer War General Louis Botha outside Parliament was converted into a Xhosa initiate -wearing a traditional blanket and hat, face painted with white clay. The statue's transformation received extensive international press and TV coverage.

April 1999
    Ju-ju and the Blue Zulu: Performance at Red Eye, Durban Art Gallery
   Beezy appeared at the pop-culture event Red Eye as Flying Man San and - naked but for a layer of blue paint, wings, goggles and a propeller hat - painted a self-portrait using an ultra-long brush.

May - August 1999
    Learning to Fly Again: Beezy Bailey Art Factory, Cape Town.
   A one-person exhibition of prints and paintings on the theme of a fantastical flying contraption, depicting Flying Man San's "attempts to touch the sky'.

February 1999
    Lee Ping Zing: Performance at Womad music festival, Benoni, South Africa

November 1998
    One-person show: Beezy Bailey Art Factory, Cape Town.
   An exhibition of ceramics and hand-coloured prints produced at the Art Factory.

October 1998
    Fabric of the People: Street fashion show, Beezy Bailey Art
   Factory Choreographed by acclaimed South African director Brett Bailey, this open-air theatre event showcases fabric, clothing and homeware designed by Beezy for the Art Factory, using untrained models and actors including street people.

August 1998
    Beezy Bailey Art Factory and Shop: Opening in Cape Town
   The Beezy Bailey Art Factory and Shop is a project aimed at closing the gap between fine art and popular culture. Beezy collaborated with Koos Malgas of the Owl House on the façade of the building. The Factory includes ceramics and printmaking studios, an art gallery showing Beezy's work, and a shop selling Beezy-print fabrics and homeware.

February 1998
    Group exhibition: Augsberg, Germany
   International exhibition by five artists from South Africa including Beezy, Robert Slingsby, Paul du Toit, Gail Catlin and Xolile Mtakatya.

February 1998
    Driftscapes: Hänel Gallery, Cape Town
   A one-person show of mixed media works incorporating found objects, driftwood and plywood constructions and coastal landscape paintings.

September 1997
    District Six Sculpture Festival: District Six, Cape Town
   An outdoor group exhibition in commemoration of communities forcibly removed from their homes in District Six during apartheid. Beezy's contribution was to paint the trunk of an old, dead tree a blazing, fluorescent red: "a highly effective and affecting symbol for the day" - Sue Williamson, Artthrob, October 1997.

November 1996
    Through the Looking Glass: Jibby Beane Gallery, London
   Lee Ping Zing paintings were included on a group exhibition of works projected onto the exterior of the gallery with David Bowie, Brian Eno and Langlands & Bell.

April-May 1995
    Beezy Bailey and Joyce Ntobe: Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg
   Beezy exhibited paintings and wooden chainsaw-carved heads, as well as conceptual works by his alter ego, black domestic worker Joyce Ntobe: figures sculpted in clear resin and filled with objects including sweets, beads, lipstick and Vaseline.

February-June 1995
    Collaboration with David Bowie: London and New York
   Paintings and drawings produced in collaboration with David Bowie were exhibited in London and New York. Collaborative works were also included on David Bowie's solo shows at the Gallery in Cork Street, London, in April 1995 and at the Daniel Thorens Gallery in Basel, Switzerland, in May 1996.

November 1994
    Exquisite Corpses: Chelsea Gallery, Cape Town
   A solo show of etchings produced in collaboration with various South African artists including Barend de Wet, Billy Mandindi and Norman Catherine.

April 1994
    Vote for South Africa: South African Association of Arts Performance work to mark the first democratic elections in South Africa.

January 1994
    Touring print exhibition: Florida State University
   Prints by Beezy and his creation, the black domestic worker Joyce Ntobe, were included on a group exhibition of prints that toured to three American states.

December 1993
    Two Collaborations: South African Association of Arts, Cape Town
   Beezy exhibited concrete sculptures made in collaboration with Koos Malgas (assistant to Helen Martins at the world-renowned Owl House sculpture garden in the Karoo) and painted photographs in collaboration with Adam Letch.

June 1993
    The Incisive Eye: Group show, Arts Association of Bellville, Cape Town

May 1993
    The Cape of Great Hope: Group show, Visual Arts Foundation, Johannesburg

January 1993
    Made in Wood: Group show, South African National Gallery, Cape Town

October 1992
    Landscapes: Exhibition with two artists at The Art Scene, Cape Town

May 1992
    Joyce Ntobe/Beezy Bailey: Market Galleries, Johannesburg
   "Group exhibition" in which Beezy exhibits linocuts and sculptures by Joyce Ntobe, and works based on material from the Drum/Bailey African Photo Archives.

March 1992
    Joyce Ntobe/Beezy Bailey: South African Association of Arts, Cape Town

September 1991
    New Directions - Group exhibition of sculpture, Center for African Studies and Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town

February 1991
    One-person show: Gallery on the Market, Johannesburg

January 1991
    One-person show: Desré Resnic Gallery, Cape Town

March 1990
    One-person show: South African Association of Arts, Cape Town

August 1989
    Artist in residence: South African National Gallery, Cape Town

February-March 1989
    One-person show: Karen McKerron Gallery, Johannesburg

February 1989
    One-person show: Cadres d'Espirt, Cape Town

October 1988
    Harbour Paintings - One-person show: The Art Scene, Cape Town

September 1988
    Dove of Peace - One-person show: The Art Scene, Cape Town

September 1988
    Cape Town Triennial : National touring group exhibition and competition, South African National Gallery, Cape Town, and Johannesburg Art Gallery

May-June 1988
    Introducing Beezy Bailey: One-man show, Vanessa Devereux Gallery, London

February 1998
    Live Painting: Performance, 5 Roodehek Street, Cape Town

November 1987
    Landscapes from France and Namibia: Exhibition with two other artists, Karen McKerron Gallery, Johannesburg

November 1987
    Standard Bank Drawing Exhibition: Group show, South Africa

August-September 1987
    One-man exhibition: Gallery 47, London

March 1987
    One-man exhibition: Gallery International, Cape Town

February 1987
    First SA solo show: Karen McKerron Gallery, Johannesburg

July 1986
    First one-man exhibition: Art Show Gallery, London

June 1986
    International Contemporary Art Fair: Olympia, London

Tertiary education

    Fine Art Degree, Byam Shaw School of Art, London


Beezy's work is represented in the South African National Gallery and numerous private collections in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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