26/0707 06H56 (Tissues)


Digital Lamda print Ed 5

Image size: 83 x 54cm

Framed size: 87.2 x 59cm

Artist's Statement:

The body of work has two aspects to it. Firstly, I examine and scrutinize my life in minute and obsessive detail and document these observations vigilantly in journals. The journals are a record of my daily activities, actions, thoughts and emotions and the amount of time devoted to them. Secondly, key scenes are reenacted under controlled situations in the studio or on location and photographed.

I have been greatly influenced by the artist, Sandy Skoglund, who similarly works with controlled and constructed environments, in which colour, contrast and repetition of bazaar elements, play an important role.

I have used Skoglund as an initial reference, yet I feel my work differs in the sense that I have reflected personal experiences from my own life, in the journals and the photographs. I am present in all my photographs and the similar methodology of Skogland's work suits the obsessive nature of the journal entries.

I construct the repetitive sets down to the finest detail, which is an extremely tedious and time-consuming task. I have chosen to construct my sets within a studio setting for the majority of my photographs, as having full control over the lighting, backdrop and props relates to the control I would like to have over my own life decisions.

The various colour choices sometimes reflect back to the emotions associated with certain colours and at times exist simply for contrast or accentuation of certain elements.

The entire body of work (including the journals) is very personal. By revealing and making public these thoughts and images, I am not only presenting the journals and images, but also myself as the artwork.


Full name: Liesl Leonard
Born: 5th June 1986, Cape Town

Academic Record:

2007 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Degree, University of Cape Town

Group Exhibitions

2007    16th Annual Art Salon, Rose Korber, Cape Town
2007    Michaelis School of Fine Art Graduate Exhibition, University of Cape Town
2007    Headlines Exhibition, University of Cape Town

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