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William Kentridge is undoubtedly the foremost contemporary South African artist, constantly in demand by major art collectors, museums and institutions around the world. He has been internationally acclaimed for his interdisciplinary drawings, films, theatre and opera productions. He is also an innovative and challenging printmaker, and printmaking, in all its many forms, has remained central to his work throughout his career.

We are pleased to announce the availability of a small selection of superb limited-edition prints on paper by Kentridge, spanning the period from 2000 to 2012. Many of these works are no longer available on the primary market, and have become collectors' pieces: they should therefore have considerable appeal to the discerning collector.

Among the highlights is the iconic Atlas Procession II - a monumental combination of etching, aquatint, drypoint, letterpress and hand-painting in watercolour. Fascinated, over the years, by the theme of the 'procession', Kentridge has here portrayed his figures as endlessly circling the globe: they are in a state of metamorphosis, on the move through time and space, reflecting vast social and political change. In this one remarkable work, alone, the artist has brilliantly captured the current zeitgeist.

In addition to the larger-scale works, we offer two rare suites of 8 small etchings each - Give & Take (2001) and Eight Typewriters (2003). Give & Take is a vibrant and dynamic combination of etching, soft ground, sugarlift, drypoint and engraving, made at the same time as Kentridge's theatrical production, Zeno at 4 a.m., and featuring similar images and concerns.

Eight Typewriters is a masterful series of small, intimate etchings, produced by Kentridge during his residency at Columbia University, New York, from 2002 - 2003. As the old manual typewriter has appeared in so many of Kentridge's major projects over the years, he was understandably intrigued by Columbia's large collection of old-style typewriters. The result was a number of superb prints featuring typewriters of a bygone age, including the suite of Eight Typewriters.

Finally, we are offering a selection of eight superb linocuts of trees - in various stages of abstraction - from Kentridge's recent and much acclaimed Universal Archive series (Parts 24 - 37), 2012, and ending with Universal Archive (Big Tree), 2012 - a large work of exquisite and transcendent beauty, printed on 15 sheets of non-archival pages from an old Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

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Atlas Procession II, 2000

Give & Take (Suite of 8 small etchings), 2001


Eight Typewriters (Suite of 8 small etchings), 2003

Universal Archive Series, 2012

Universal Archive (Big Tree), 2012

Universal Archive (Nine Trees), 2012

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