L A L L I T H A    J A W A H I R I L A L

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I Taste the Fruit from Afar II

Not available

Oh Goddess Of African Soil, Manasa The Serpent
God Bothers Me Sometimes, Please Intervene


Times are Wild


Alone in the Wilderness I Remain Silent and Unyielding

Today a Beautiful White Light Floods the Beloved Country

Oh South Africa Keep Moving, Time is Waiting to Seduce Us

Not available

Crossing Midnight a Beautiful Silence. I Crouch on Hind Legs then Cross a Bridge of Silver and Gold


Who Knows What Way My Soul is Fleeing


A Beautiful White Light Floods the Beloved Country


The Exile Returns VI

Not available

Oh South Africa Crossing Midnight


African Sculpture Flying Away One Night

Abstract Flying Objects

Oh Mother of Ndebele I Too Have Known the Sun at Noon on a Sea Without Waves

I Also Have Known the Sun at Noon

A Light Enters' Crossing Midnight a Beautiful Silence

Oh Gods of this Wondrous Land

Oh South Africa, Better be Quick, Times are Wild

African River Climbing Alone One Night

Oh, South Africa, Times are Wild

My Soul has Fled


Seated on the Lips of the Beloved Country Someones Drinking Springboks' Milk

I Dip my Feet in Wild Waters

Artist's Statement

Lallitha Jawahirilal is a painter and a lecturer from Kwa-Zulu Natal, born and raised in Ladysmith, she studied art in London where she received a first class honours in fine art from Camberwell

School of art and a masters degree from the Royal college, London Her education was funded by the Inner London Education Authority and the Africa Education Trust. She has taught in various institutions including the University of Durban, Westville, South Africa and Monash University, Australia. Presently she lives between South Africa and India. Jawahirilal has exhibited locally and internationally She is represented in many public collections in South Africa Europe Australia, and India Her academic research activities includes 'The role of public art in a post apartheid society' with greater reference to the greater Ladysmith area, and a photographic documentary titled; Puddled Sand and Red Ashes, in two parts on Kumbh Mela, India and cave art, roadside art in the greater Himalayan area.

Her inspiration comes from the energy that emanates from South Africa, London, and India. Her love of nature forms the essence of her work, childhood memories of rolling hills and the wildlife that inhabited the surface in her work, my early years were spent in solitude, playing near the river or in the hills. She was born during the apartheid era, and her work reflects the spiritual motivation and energy generated by the African masses during the fight for freedom " by African I don't mean a particular race, but refer to all those that were involved in the struggle for freedom, to create a sharing and caring community" Her inspiration from her mixed media and conceptual work is drawn from activity and energy that comes from cosmic consciousness, I spend many hours in solitude and meditation, and since childhood have lived in this Divine Light. She lived in London until 94 and then returned to South Africa. M any of her titles "Manna I can console you" "The Exile returns" And then there was flood "refer to this period.

Her work plays with colour, images and poetry:

Black girl, brown stones BROWN GIRL, BLACK STONES, crossing midnight, a beautiful SILENCE, I crouch on hind legs then cross on a bridge, SILVER AND GOLD. Who knows which way my soul is fleeing yesterday was like many strange dreams, TODAY A BEAUTIFUL WHITE LIGHT FLOODS THE BELOVED COUNTRY. Many countless souls have passed this was, How to continue, live with the snakes, dip my feet in wild waters, COME, LET US CROSS.

Presently she lives in Puttarpathy, Prasanthinilayam, Haridwar and Ladysmith, SOUTH AFRICA. When night falls, winds breeze forth oh Lord of the universe, where do I go from here. COME, LET US CONTINUE.

Lallitha Jawahirilal 2007


Art Education

1984 - 87    BA Hons Fine Art, First Class Honours, Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts
1987 - 89    MA (RCA) Painting, Royal College of Art, London


1994 - 2000    Fine Art and History of Art, University of Durban-Westville
2001    Monash University, Caulfield Campus, Melbourne, Australia
             U.D.W., School of Education (part - time lecturer)              
             BAT Centre, Painting lecturer (part - time)


1994 - 96    Public Art Research. Title: "The Role of Public Art in a Post - Apartheid Society with Special reference to the Greater Ladysmith Area."
1997 Part ll - "The Role of Public Art in a Post - Apartheid society with special reference to the Greater Ladysmith Area."
1998    "Puddled Sand and Red Ashes" - a photographic documentary on the Kumba Mela" - India (complete)
1999    "Puddled Sand and Red Ashes" - Part ll - Cave Art, temple art, and roadside art in the Greater Himalayan Region
2000    Puddled Sand and Red Ashes - showcased at the International Association for the History of Religions Conference - Durban
2004    Design of Mosaic, Ladysmith Town Hall - S.Africa

Solo Exhibitions

1985    Africa Centre, Stockholm
1990    198 Gallery, London
1990    Gallery 21, Johannesburg
1991    Galerie Trapez, Berlin
1994    New Academy Gallery, London
1996    New Academy Gallery, London
1999    Curwen Gallery, London
2001    Monash University Faculty Gallery, Australia
2002    Greatmore Studios, Cape Town

Selected Group Exhibitions

       Royal Festival Hall

1987 - 88
       Third International Biennial Print Exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan

1988 - 89    Open to Print, The National Student Printmaking Competition, Touring Show

       Group Show - Market Theatre, SA (prize winner)

       Art/89, The Fourth International Contemporary Art Fair, London,
       Royal College of Art degree Show
       Staffrider Exhibition at Market Theatre, Johannesburg
       Dagmar Gallery, London, Group Show
       Whitechapel Open Exhibition
       London Group, Royal College of Art
       Delfina Studios, Summer Show

       Art/London 90, London Olimpia
       Annual Group Show, Delfina Studios
       50 Cents Water, Homerton Hospital, Hosted by Waterchapel Art
       Contemporary Art Society, Art Market, Smith Gallery, London
       Broadgate, Group Show hosted by Whitechapel Art Gallery
       Whitechapel Open Exhibition
       Delfina Studio, Summer Show

       Art/London 91, London Olimpia
       Show at tricycle Gallery - Being Here And There (Four South
       African Artists), London
       Art Express - Mall Gallery, London
       Discerning Eye, Mall Gallery, Tim Hilton Selected Artist - Art
       Critic from the Guardian (prize winner), London
       Barcelona International Biennal, Spain

       Group Show, New Academy Gallery, London
       Group Show, Gallery Taller de Arte, Madrid, London

       Group Show organized by Nairi Sahakien, London
       Group Show organized by Sylvie Vaughan, London
       Group Show at New Academy Gallery, London

       Group Show with Coode Adam Martins, London

       SPLASH, a contemporary water-colour exhibition organized by
       Walsall Museum Art Gallery. Traveled throughout UK in 1995

       Conjures, group show curated by Niel Dundas, First Gallery,
       Atlanta Olympics, three works chosen to be exhibited in the
       Municipal Gallery during the Olympics, Atlanta, USA
       Group show at Labia Gallery, Cape Town
       Group show at Grahamstown Festival (work catalogued)
       Group show: Pietermaritzberg Festival
       Group show:  Waterfront - Cape Town
       In Prize-winner show at the mall Gallery, London

       Group show: NSA Gallery
       Group show: Empangeni Museum
       Group Show: Newcastle Museum
       Group show: Natal Technikon
       Group show: Waterfront - Cape Town
       Permanent collection: Ladysmith Cultural Centre
       Trienalle - Lalit Kala Academy - India

       Kunst Aus Suda Afrika (women's voice), Gallerie Sieppel,
       Stuttgart, an international Women's show
       "Gandhi Revisited" - Durban Art Gallery
       Bay Hotel and Nico Malan, Cape Town
       Group Show at the New Castle Museum

       Bay Hotel and Nico Malan, Cape Town

       Bristol-myers Squibb Secure The Future TM Project- International
       Convention Centre, Durban
       The International Association For the History of Religions
       18th Quinquennial Congress: ICC, Durban
       Jabulisa - Art of KZN - Travelling
       Heritage - Durban Art Gallery
       Group Show, African Art Center

       Racism Conference - showcased work at Durban International
       airport, to travel to Parliament, Pretoria.
       Group Exhibition - Jabulisa - Art of KZN - Travelling

       Journeys - Georgia State University, Ernest G. Welsh School of
       Art and Design Galleries, Atlanta (Travelling show)
       Journey (Art on Paper), Melville, SA

       The ID of South African Artists, Fortis CircusTheatre,  
        Scheveningen, Amsterdam
       Decade of Democracy Exhibition, South African National Gallery
        (SANG), Cape Town, South Africa

       Designed 30 feet wall in Ladysmith, South Africa
       Group show river festival   Lady Smith South Africa

       Art Camp - Mumbai Renaissance Art Centre, India
       Colours of Life, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, India

Awards and Scholarships

1987-89    African Education Trust Scholarship, London
1989-91    Delfina Studios Trust Residency, London
1989    Staffrider Merit Award, South Africa
1989-90    African Education trust Award, London
1991    Discerning Eye Award, Mall Gallery, presented by Duchess of
       York Modern Painters Subscription Award
1992    Pollock Krasner Award, USA
1994    Elizabeth Foundation Award, USA
1995    Citation award from the mayor of Ladysmith for the project:
"Nation-building in a Post Apartheid Society in the greater Ladysmith Area"
1997    Footprints on permanent display at the opening of Ladysmith      
       Cultural Center

Art Residencies

1989    Workshops in SA, Artists in Residence at ACC, Johannesburg
1989-1992    Delfina Studios, London
1992-1994    Maryland Studios, London (run by Delfina)
1991    Karl Hofer Gesellscraft, Berlin
1992    Casa Manilva, Spain
1995    Lecturer in Fine Art and History of Art, UDW
1994-2000    Artist in Residence
2001    Artist in Residence and Lectureship programme, Monash
       University, Australia (February 29-June 2, 2001)
       Thupelo International - Cape Town
2002    Caversham Press - International - KZN
2002    Greatmore Studios - Cape Town

Public Collections

SA National Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg
Lord Gowrie, London
Delfina Entraconales, London, Spain
Collections from UK, USA, and South Africa
Lady Bingham (Chief Justice Minister: UK) - London
Authur Anderson - London
Cape National Gallery - Cape Town
Newcastle Museum
Public Collection - Germany
Public Collection - Australia
Monash University - Australia
Nelson Mandela Foundation - South Africa
KPMG - South Africa
South African Treasury - South Africa
Spear Group - South Africa
Van Den Ende Collection - Holland


1987    Thusa (SA Publication), London

1989    Staffrider Magazine (Ravan Press), South Africa

1990    Asian Times, London
       City Limits, London
       Hot Properties, Magazine, London
       Independent, London
       The Guardian, London
       The Sunday Times, London

1991    Evening Standard, London
       The Guardian, London
       Local Anzerger, Berlin

1992    Ladysmith Gazette, South Africa
       What's On, London

1994    South African Times, London
       The Sunday Tribune, South Africa

1995    Post Natal, South Africa
       Sunday Times, South Africa
       Mail on Saturday, South Africa
       Leader, South Africa
       Ladysmith Gazette, South Africa
       Ladysmith Mirror, South Africa
       Impressions, Television Programme, South Africa

1996    SABC: Good Morning South Africa

1998    Impressions, SABC
       Ladysmith gazette
       Sunday Times

1999    Jury member and Advisor for Elizabeth Foundation - USA
       Daimler-Chrysler, Seippel Gallery, Germany: July member

2001    Monash News, Australia
       Leader, South Africa
       Herald, South Africa

2002    SAfm (Woman Today) interviewed by Nancy Richards

Outreach and Community Projects

1984    Founder member and member of Management Committee of the
       Pan African Refugee Housing Co-Op (London)

1985    Founder member of the Refugee Women's Art Collective, London

1986    Saturday art workshops over a period of 1 year on the Kaligor Art
Project, East End, London.

1986    Artist in residence and cultural worker at Africa Cultural Center,

1986-87    Researched on Art from a Black Perspective - a paper later
       produced for the Royal College of Art.

1987    Thusa Project - Brixton, London

1987    Member of Management Committee, Jenako Arts Project, London.

1987    Researched and produced a video "Exile" (exiled SA artist).
Video showed at Bracknell Film Festival.

1999    Daimler-Chrysler Award: July member and Artist selector - South

2000    Co-ordinator of art exhibition and cultural desk, International
       association for the History of Religions: Durban    

2001    Co-ordinator of project at Greatmore Studios - Cape Town in
      collaboration with African Cultural Centre  - Johannesburg.  This
workshop involved 10 children from Masibambisane SS in a
painting workshop around childrens' rights and abuse which was
showcased at Parliament and in the Greatmore Studios Gallery.

2002    Lunchtime Talk - (Role of Public Art in South Africa), South
        African National Gallery. Organized by the friends of
2002    Lunchtime lecture, Michealis Lecture Theatre
Artworks Catalogued and Published in the Following Magazines / Catalogues

Women's voice - (Kurst aus Sudafrika) - Stuttgart - 1998
Ninth Triennale - India - 1997
Contemporary South African Art 1985-1995 -1996-97
Jabulisa - The Art of Kwa-zulu Natal - 1996
Exploring New Horizons - USA - 1996
Stuttgart meets Durban/ Durban meets Stuttgart
Art Review - London - 1996
Common and Uncommon Ground - South African Art to Atlanta - 1996
Maritzburg Arts Festival - 1996
Jabulisa - the Art of Kwa-Zulu Natal - 1996
Art Review - London - 1996
Galleries - London - 1996
Galleries - 1994
The Delfina Studio Trust at Barcelona Olympics -1993
Art Express Catalogue, Mall Galleries - London -1991
The Delfina Studio Trust - Catalogued - London - 1991
The Discerning Eye - Malls Galleries Catalogue - UK - 1991
The Green Contemporary Art Sale - UK - 1991
Art London 90 - Catalogue of the 5th Contemporary Art Fair -
London, Olympia - 1990
The London Group - 1989
Royal College of Art Catalogue - 1989
Open to Print - 1988
THUSA - 1987
The African Art Centre, KZN 1960 - 2000
Published in Cross Contemporary Art Practice in South Africa - 2000
Murals of South Africa - 2002

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