Black Box / Chambre Noire

Stereoscope with 8 stereoscopic photographs in a specially designed cardboard box

Limited edition of 100 copies + XX a.p.

signed on the endpaper

Artist's statement:

In this new body of work, William concerns himself not only with German colonialism in Africa, but also reflects on constructions of history. His installation Black Box / Chambre Noire, theater, film, animation, sculpture and drawings are combined in such a way that the viewer becomes an active participant.

Consequently, this particular piece is itself a "viewer" with which it is possible to view scenes from the installation (and its constructions) as if one were once again in the midst of its "real" presence.

The stereoscope is a replica of a type of 3-D viewer used around a century ago. The original model for this limited edition is a vintage stereoscope from William's own collection. Eight stereoscopic photographs staged by William depict not only scenes from the installation, but also scenes from his studio shot during the production of Black Box / Chambre Noire.

2006 All rights reserved. Origination by Di Conradie.