Charcoal and chalk pastel

Image size: 65 x 60cm

These 4 new drawing by Robert Slingsby have been described as 'Anthropocene - a new word referring to the environmental impact, 'which has resulted in planet earth entering a new epoch.'

Slingsby regards these works as a form of activism, a calling to others to open their eyes and take action to prevent further obliteration.

Says Slingsby: 'We lose the very essence of what makes us African, when we diminish the diversity of our natural abundance. When we lose the rhino, we lose something which is so deeply engrained into our psyche, a mooring post which defines our'African-ness'.

Through his current series of drawings, he bears witness to man's persistent and ruthless exploitation of planet earth, blaming, the consequences of man's greed as reason for this epoch of mass obliteration. It includes Slingsby's longstanding interest in the Richtersveld, an unfolding tragedy, a 'microcosm of Anthropocene change: the destruction of this semi-desert, not at the hands of the locals, the Nama, but at the hands of the outsider,the colonisers of Africa'.

2013 All rights reserved. Origination by Di Conradie.