Highveld Brightveld


Oil on paper

Image size: 60 x 60cm

Blomkamp's new oils on paper are part of an ongoing series of works, inspired by his profound, almost obsessive, fascination with the Magaliesburg mountain range of Gauteng. The evidence of Blomkamp's early stained glass works is still evident in these paintings, which appear to transmit rather than reflect light. They have a transparency, clarity and sharpness akin to glass, and often appear to be made of coloured light rather than of paint.

In these works, Blomkamp is primarily concerned with 'making the invisible visible'. His relationship with colour and energised line is an attempt to confront the subconscious', he maintain,'and to expose and bring into light that mystery, that primal force, that may give us clues that existence on our little planet is worthwhile and meaningful, after all'.

2013 All rights reserved. Origination by Di Conradie.