Small Orange Vessel 1

2013 Earthenware Height: 17cm Diameter: 17cm

'The common theme in my work is my interest in shapes, textures, geological formations and colours found in nature - on earth and in space. Images of celestial bodies inspire me, as well as images of volcanoes and fossils, to name a few. Right now, my concern about climate change is what influences my work most'.

'I love the slow and patient process of hand-building my pieces, by coiling and pinching clay, to explore my favourite shape - the sphere - to the full; and multiple firings with different glazes are ideal for expressing these interests. Raku is an exciting way of firing, and I often make use of this method, as I like the unpredictable network of cracks on the surface of the glaze.

Using materials like Kalahari sand, oxides, slip and multiple stoneware firings enable me to capture the weathered surfaces and patterns of the earth. The patterns found in aerial and satellite images excite me, and I photograph close-up details of my finished work, as well as the processes of firing. I enjoy the relationship between the inspiration and the end products.

When I am asked about the functionality of my coiled vessels and bowls, my reply is: 'If something is an object of beauty, that to me is its function'.

2013 All rights reserved. Origination by Di Conradie.