Tied in a Bow


Four colour lithograph, Ed 30

Paper size: 46 x 38.5cm

Image size: 46 x 38.5cm

The artist states: 'I was looking at Beau Brummell's Neckclothitania (also known as 'one of the Cloth'), published in 1818, with pages of illustrations on the complicated sets of knots and bows of the cravat that Brummell favoured. This 19th century necktie was Brummell's most lasting and mysterious invention".

'Once tied, the necktie should never be altered, in the hope of improving its appearance: if it is ill-tied, one must start again with a fresh cravat. What the wearer is after is a curious mean between skill and pure chance. The tying of a cravat involves the rigorous removal of human agency from the final appearance of the fabric: the knot, is intentional , but the folds are entirely fortuitous'.' (Beau Brummell).

'I recently dressed up a model with a cravat around the neck, and used the reference for the portrait, TIED IN A BOW. The plain linen 'neck cloth' created a soft bow at the front'.

2011 All rights reserved. Origination by Di Conradie.