Electric Field #1


Acrylic on canvas

Image size: 140 x 140 x 4.7

Artist's Statement:

"The artist has dedicated the next 74 years to making the invisible, visible. He is more interested in the imagery than the actual landscape. This particular work is going to be part of an animated movie that he is currently working on.

Paul Blomkamp's paintings seem to transmit rather than reflect light. They have a transparency, clarity and sharpness akin to glass, and often appear to be made of coloured light rather than of paint. His work deals with the anatomy of energy. He is preoccupied with energy, what it is, looks like.

Blomkamp's paintings are celebrations of energised lines - shapes and spaces that throb and glow with pure strong colour, existing solely for ways to illuminate the dark and unknown. His reason for painting is to make the connection with that subconscious passion and energy that sustains us, and that moves us as surely as the wind through a field of wheat.

His relationship with colour and energised line is an attempt to confront the subconscious, to access, expose and bring into the light that mystery, that primal force, that intelligence that may give us clues - that existence on our little planet, spinning in this perplexing Cosmos, is worthwhile and meaningful after all".


Born 1949, Johannesburg, South Africa
At the age of 19 Blomkamp was awarded one of the (then) largest Stained Glass windows in the world. Although primarily a painting BLOMKAMP spent the following 20 years producing a spate of large modern windows for churches, homes and large corporations.

List of Major Commissions and Exhibitions:

1977   Collectors Gallery, Johannesburg, Solo Exhibition
1982   J Walter Thompson, sandton: Mural (acrylic on canvas) 4,8 x 1,6 metres
1986   New Germiston Civic Centre: 15 x 2 metre multi media mural
1986   Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg: Solo painting exhibition: "State of the Heads"
1989   Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg: Solo painting exhibition: "Scintillating Fields"
1992   Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, Solo painting exhibition: "Out of the dark"
1993   TELKOM, Pretoria: Mural (acrylic on canvas) 5 x 2,1 metres
1994   ABSA Bank: 10 Oil on paper
1995   Gallery on the Square: Group show: "Landscapes"
1998   Gallery on the Square: Solo painting exhibition: "The Wild Frontier"
1999   Gallery on the Square: Solo painting exhibition: "50/100 Images of South Africa"


Metropolitan Life
Times Media
Rand Merchant Bank
Swiss Re-Insurance
J Walter Thompson
Civic Centre, Germiston
Nico Malan Theatre, Cape Town

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