Odyssey II


Drypoint, spit-bite etching on paper, Edition: /18

Image: 98.5 x 69.5cm

Artist's statement

"An Odyssey - an epic poem, an extended wandering or journey.

Working on this theme for a number of years has been part of my own internal journey. I am deeply moved by the idea of Odysseus' wanderings and his long journey home, which is constantly beset by temptations and challenges - which, as the poet, CP Cavafy, says in his 'Ithaca':

My images of the solitary figure are of that soul's journey. Each work I complete on the subject is, for me, another line in the epic poem of my own imaginings.

Odyssey II is part of a series of large drypoint etchings, that are further explorations of the self and shadow - as male, female and object".

Deborah Bell

2007 All rights reserved. Origination by Di Conradie.