Summer Graffiti (# 1 to 8, sold as a set)

2002 Suite of 8 lithographs

Printed in 5 colours, on 8 sheets of Velin d'Arches Creme 250 gms paper: the paper die-cut with round corners before printing

Edition: 13 /45

Each sheet: 18.2 x 23.1 cm (7.2 x 9.2 inches)

Statement by William Kentridge on Summer Graffiti
'I had been asked to do a fund-raising print for my old high school, and had looked for a suitable textook on which to do the images. In a second-hand bookshop I found a teachers' manual called 'Errors in School', which , with appropriate schoolboy regression, became 'eros in school', and a kind of erotic doodle. The series 'Summer Graffiti' was an extension of the print - a mixture of erotic dreams and sketching on blackboards, which either held the images or became part of them.'

2008 All rights reserved. Origination by Di Conradie.