C L A R E    G A V R O N S K Y

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Beslan Series I

History Of Art (Collaborative Work)


Beslan Series II

Artist's Statement

Claire Gavronsky has lived and worked in Florence, Italy for the past 20 years. Many of the world's up and coming artists have been taught by her in her Masters level drawing, painting and sculpture classes. Every Summer she migrates her students to South Africa to participate in walkabouts through galleries and various studios before having to make their own work; it's part of her drive for cultural exchange and interaction between art communities around the world.

Gavronsky enjoys the contradictory nature that is inherent in overlaid images. "The fact that there are clear lines, but that they cannot easily be read; lines, saying something, yet inaudible - too many people speaking at once - unless you trace a single outline before it slips into an interchange of place or limb. This is a complex narrative that defies linearity, although made of line, and one that refutes hierarchy. Here there is no single entry point, and no singling out of the individual. Edges blur through visual shift and blinking doesn't bring it more into focus. Time is needed to unravel relationship. We receive information in linear configurations, sentences, words following on words, incidences happening in different places at different times - and we sew it together in temporal ways, narratives, histories; then/now, here/there, concerning us/not concerning us." (Gavronsky 06)

Through overlaying images she likes to remove the comfortable distance we hold most things at, collapse the perspective and bring everything into one present coexisting field. Painting and drawing can be masters of illusion, and as a continual reminder of the nature of illusion Gavronsky feels compelled to both create and destroy it.

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