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Paul du Toit is a South African artist who has carved a unique niche in the international arena. Beyond being able to access and be exhibited globally, du Toit has simultaneously continued to create a very personal form of art that has not adjusted itself to the demands of a commercial art market. Du Toit's art is his own; a linear, phantasmic world that he has created from his mind and experiences.

Over the years, he has built up a forest of symbols - his own alphabet of awkward scrawls that spawn off each other. When he creates a work of art, he retains only forms that are appropriate. This combined with the treatment of space and master lines (scratched into wet paint with sticks) result in a desired unity of composition. Primary colours are added on top of the impasto and movement is created by a variation in the dimension of forms in relation to other elements. His work starts out with a line(origination) and ends with a black line defining the pools of colour.

Among the many awards he has received is a medal from the city of Florence in the Biennale Internationale Dell'arte Contemporanea. He was nominated for the Daimler Chrysler Sculpture Award of 2002. He was recently invited to work with former president Nelson Mandela and international musicians on the 46664 campaign.

Paul was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on 31 October 1965



January - Group exhibition, Regeneration, Kyle Kauffman Gallery, New York City


December - Solo exhibition, Wynwood Art District, Miami
December - Art Now Fair, Kyle Kauffman Gallery NY, Miami Beach
November - Solo exhibition, KEE, Hong Kong
November - Outdoor sculpture exhibition, Sydney, Australia
September - "Per square foot", Group exhibition, Dieu Donne Papermill, New York City, NY
September - "Highly Charged", Solo exhibition at 34 Long, Cape Town South Africa


"Paul exhibits the series of paper pulp paintings at the Erdmann Contemporary in Cape Town. He presents new works including monumental sculptural pieces at a solo exhibition in Johannesburg. These sculptures represent the culmination and expression of drawing, painting and sculptural techniques that he has developed over many years. His ten years as a professional artist are showcased in a 160-page book, and in a DVD. The exhibition also features a short animation film in collaboration with Josie Borain and Iain Anderson. In October Paul returns to the Dieu Donne Papermill, to explore the next generation of paper works." (Sarah McCarthy)

October - Dieu Donne Papermill, New York City New York.
October - University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg South Africa. 10 Year retrospective
May - Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town South Africa. Solo exhibition featuring works produced during 2005 at Dieu Donne Papermill in New York City


"Paul has a successful exhibition at the Erdmann Contemporary in Cape Town including works on paper and paintings, as well as painted sculptures made from resin and fibreglass. He also spends a week working at the Dieu Donne Papermill in New York City, creating a series of paintings made from paper pulp to which a colour mixture is applied. Paul creates the Purple Hominid mural at the Cradle of Humankind in Sterkfontein, South Africa. His paintings reflect a new complexity, with multiple figures brought together in different perspectives in the picture plane." (Sarah McCarthy)

October - Dieu Donne Papermill, New York City New York. produced paper pulp paintings in the Broome Street studio
February - Erdmann Contemporary Art Gallery, Cape Town South Africa. Solo exhibition featuring new sculptures and paintings


"Paul has his first solo exhibition in New York, curated by Koan Jeff Baysa, whom he had met over the Internet in 1999. The exhibition is reviewed in NY Arts Magazine, and the opening of the exhibition is feat ured in Arts and Antiques Magazine. He also has a solo show in Holland. He does a series of works on paper, in mixed media. They feature a simple stick figure drawn with childlike simplicity, with an upturned 'L' foot, which becomes an important part of Paul's artistic 'alphabet'." (Sarah McCarthy)

September - Galerie Plett, Utrecht, Holland, solo exhibition
December - 13th Art Salon at The Bay, Cape Town, South Africa Group exhibition
November - US Art Gallery, Stellenbosch, South Africa, group exhibition 30 X 30
September - LG Artcool Group exhibition, Bell Roberts Gallery, Cape Town
August - Artiade 2004, ATHENS, Greece, Representing South Africa
May - AVA Cape Town, Group exhibition in aid of the Peninsula School Feeding Association
April - "PlanetPaul", solo exhibition at 49 Greene Street, SoHo, New York City, New York. Curated by KOAN JEFF BAYSA


"Paul experiments with different media and his palette becomes richer, as he adds subdued, grainy nuances to his signature strong primary colours. Lorette joins the PlanetPaul team fulltime and much of the year is taken up with building a new studio. For the first time Paul has a bright, airy space to work in. Paul starts painting with groups of children at the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town, becoming a 'Champion of the Children' of the Children's Hospital Trust. He donates work for the annual art auction ball, which fundraises for the hospital." (Sarah McCarthy)

December - 12th Art Salon at The Bay, Cape Town, South Africa Group exhibition
November - African Experience Group exhibition, President's Cup Fancourt George, RSA
August - Bell Roberts Contemporary Art Gallery/METTLE Exhibition, Johannesburg Group exhibition
March - Photo Vision Exhibition, Cape Town Festival, Cape Town


"Two of Paul's paintings trade at Sotheby's at well over the reserve price. Christiaan Barnard hosts a solo exhibition of Paul's latest sculptures and paintings, in Johannesburg. Paul exhibits on the American continent for the first time - at the Toronto International Art Fair. Paul and Lorette go to Zanzibar for a holiday. Paul is fascinated by the dhows sailing in and out of the harbour, and makes a number of sketches. On his return he creates a series of bronze sculptures from wire armatures filled with a solid compound. The shapes and lines of these figures are reminiscent of the sails of the dhows, and bring a new element to Paul's painting and sculpture." (Sarah McCarthy)

December - 11th Art Salon at The Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, New Beginnings.
October - Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. Solo exhibition.
October - Toronto International Art Fair


December - Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, Florence Italy Medal Award
December - 10th Art Salon at The Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.
November - Holland Art Fair, Netherlands Congress Centre, The Hague, Holland.
September - Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town Sold out solo exhibition
September - Galerie Plett, Zeist, Holland. Solo exhibition featuring paintings and sculptures.
August - Johannesburg Art Museum, Nomination for DaimlerChrysler Sculpture Award 2002.
January, February - 70/2000 Touring Exhibition -- Oxford Brookes University, UK
February - The Foundry, Ebenezer Road, Green Point, Cape Town. "Heart Felt" exhibition


December - Bell-Roberts Contemporary Art Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
Allsorts exhibition 9th Art Salon at The Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
September - December - Galerie Plett, Zeist Holland, Group exhibition
July - September - Edinburgh City Art Gallery, Scotland
June / July - Art Museum Potchefstroom, South Africa
April / May - PaKua Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa. Solo exhibition of new works including paintings, sculpture and video installation
March - Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston U.K. '70 over 2000' Exhibition, The Road to Meikle Seggie symbolises the many expeditions Richard Demarco has made, searching for points of cultural and spiritual contact between the Mediterranean and Celtic worlds of his Italian and Irish forbears. The Stanley Picker Gallery's exhibition addresses historical and cultural developments in Europe as represented by Professor Demarco's prolific career as Director of the Traverse Theatre Gallery, The Richard Demarco Gallery and the Demarco European Art Foundation. The exhibition celebrates Richard Demarco's work as a Picker Fellow and his 7 years as Professor of European Cultural Studies at Kingston University, and celebrates his 70th birthday in the year 2000.


December - 8th Art Salon at the Bay, Cape Town. Art for the New Century
December 1999 - January 2000 - A3 Gallery Moscow, Russia Short Film Video Installation - ORIGINS OF MODERN HUMAN: CHANNEL SURFING
November - Liberman Room, South African National Gallery, Cape Town Short Film Video Installation - ORIGINS OF MODERN HUMAN: CHANNEL SURFING
September - Gallery 88, Sasolburg. The Responsive Eye. 1st Edinburgh Internet Festival, Celtica Gallery, Edinburgh Scotland July - Millennium Gallery, Pretoria
Solo Exhibition - Freehand April - Giraffe House Exhibition, Centurion Estate, Gauteng - Solo Exhibition. The Planets Align.Paul's work virtually sells out, including corporate purchases by IBM and Vodacom. March - Windsor & Newton Millennium Exhibition, Sandton nominated as a finalist in this worldwide exhibition.


December - 7th Art Salon at the Bay, Cape Town Opened by National Gallery Director, Marilyn Martin, the show included works by artists like William Kentridge
October - Bang the Gallery, Cape Town. Solo Exhibition, Future Fantastic. Paul introduces a whole new body of work, including Bronze Sculptures for the first time
May - PARIS FRANCE "Visitors from PlanetPaul", Paul's first major solo exhibition opposite the Picasso Museum was an enormous success with a fair percentage of work selling out before the show!
Bang the Gallery, Cape Town "Naked Man Exhibition". Two of Paul's works sold before the show, provoking an unprecedented response from the local media, including talk radio, national magazines and local newspapers.
Marks and Spencer Show, London 5 of Paul's works were included in this prestigious exhibition
March - CNN International Art Club. Paul and his art featured prominently in this week-long series devoted to South Africa
Gallery 88, Sasolburg "Art from the Cape". City Hall, Augsberg, Germany
"Art Beyond Borders", Paul's work was featured in this extremely successful and prestigious exhibition that put the cream of South Africa's artistic talent on the front pages of Augsburg's newspapers
February - South African Virtual Gallery. Sellout Solo Exhibition


Groot Constantia Art Gallery, Cape Town Including artists like Peter Clarke


Association of Arts, Bellville Cape Town Awarded FIRST PRIZE for BEST ARTIST WITH NO FORMAL TRAINING

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