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Zebra Plate and Bowl in a Box

Zebra Teacup

Candle Holder

Zebra Peanut Bowl



The vibrant ceramics of Ardmore, ranging from functional domestic ware to sculptural art in the decorative African tradition, offer fine insight into the subtle influences of rural potters at work in the Champagne Valley of KwaZulu-Natal. These artists combine the elements of their tribal tradition with the uniquely naïve perspective of a new world.

The Ardmore Ceramic Art Studio was established by Fee Halsted-Berning when she introduced a young polio victim, Bonnie Ntshalintshali, to the work of ceramic art and watched and nurtured as the artist's reflective skill began to evolve from the clay moulded. Thus began the success Story of Ardmore. The studio's more than 40 artists continue to reflect the gentle simplicity of myth and legend in their own work, and the shapes and colours stem directly from the heart and soul of the sculptors and painters. Many of these artists have had no formal education or training in art and yet they have captured in visual form the light, colour and texture of Africa.

'Ardmore is popular because it is produced from the soul. It is art for art's sake. There is nothing pretentious or dishonest about it: Ardmore it what it is.'

Extract from: Scott, G. Ardmore: An African Discovery. (Fernwood press, 1998)

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